6 Instagram Features You Don’t Know About

One of the beauties of Instagram is its minimalistic design, simplicity, and ease of use.

In fact, the majority of the app can be accessed through 5 simple navigation buttons found at the bottom of the app.

While this level of simplicity is great, sometimes, it leads to more advanced features being missed or overlooked.

In this post, I am going to show you 6 hidden features that will help take your Instagram game to the next level.

1. Get Notified When an Account Posts

Have you ever wanted to receive a notification every time one of your friends or favorite accounts posts on Instagram?

Maybe, you have always wanted to be the first like on every photo your BFF shares?

Regardless of if it’s simply to stay in the loop, keep tabs, or play elaborate pranks, you can receive push notifications for any Instagram account you follow.

Here is how to set it up:

Go to the account profile from which you would like to receive notifications.

Confirm you’re following the account (you can only receive post notifications for accounts you follow).

Click on the 3-dot button located at the top right.

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Click “Turn on Post Notifications””.

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This is a feature that can be turned off at any time. In the future, if you get annoyed or tired of the post notifications from a particular account, just repeat the sets and you’ll see “Turn off Post Notifications”.

2. Hide Ads You Don’t Like

There has been much backlash concerning sponsored posts in more and more Instagram users feeds.

It does feel like advertisers are getting better with their targeting, and their understanding of the platform is making sponsored posts more natural.

However, if you do see an ad that annoys you or you would rather not see, you can do something about it!

Click on the 3-dot button located at the top right.

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Click “Hide This”.

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You then have the option to provide feedback on why you hid the ad. Providing feedback is not necessary, but it may help you in the future by reducing the amount of ads shown to you that are not relevant.

Instagram will ask “Why don’t you want to see this ad?”

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They will then thank you for your input.



3. Spy on Those You Are Following

Are you curious by nature? Do you like to creep?


If so, there is a fun way to see what the users you follow are up to at a glance.

You’ll be able to see things like photos they have liked and new users they are following in a news feed format.

Simply click on the heart on the bottom navigation.

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By default, it will take you to your personal notification feed, click on “FOLLOWING”.

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Now, you can view the recent activities of those you are following. You can see the things they have liked, commented on, and new follows.

This can be useful for you business to see what type of content your customers are engaging with or are interested in.

4. Remove Yourself From Tagged Photos

It’s happened to us all, maybe a friend tagged you in a horrible photo (they look great of course), or maybe a spam account tagged you in some garbage post.

You don’t want either of these posts to pop up when someone goes to your profile and clicks on “Photos of You”.

So, how do you remove yourself from them?

Go to your profile

Click on the button with the silhouette of a man inside a tag.

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Now tap on the image from which you want to be removed.

Tap the 3-dot button at the top right of the image.

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Tap “Photo Options”.


Now, select “Show on My Profile” or “Hide from My Profile”.IMG_3579

You can take it further by selecting “More Options”, giving yourself the option to be removed from the photo altogether or report the image.

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5. Clear Search History

Are you tired of seeing all your past searches piled up every time you go to the explore tab?

Do you just want to get rid of the clutter and clean up your “search” altogether?

Good news!

You can!

It’s pretty easy to do as well. Follow the steps below to remove your search history.

Go to your profile page.

Click on the 3-dot button located at the top right of the page.

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Scroll to the bottom and tap “Clear Search History””.

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Confirm Your Request!

Your search history has now been cleared! Feel free to head back to explorer and confirm.

6. View Every Post You Have Ever Liked

Have you ever liked a post, only to think of it later when with friends and not been able to find it?

Maybe you can’t remember who posted it or perhaps it was from a few days ago.

This next trick ends that once and for all.

There is an easy way to see every post you have ever liked, all in once place!

First go to your profile page.

Click on the 3-dot button located at the top right of the page.

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Tap “Posts You’ve Liked”.

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That’s it! You are now looking at a full list of every post you have ever liked on your account. Making it easy to find that post you wanted to share with others later.


There are a lot more features available to you in this little app than you might realize. These are my 6 Instagram features you probably didn’t know were available. However, there are a lot more.

Feel free to share in the comments some of the awesome features you enjoy that are hard to find!

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