Instagram Will Now Allow Longer Videos


Instagram has been rolling out a string of updates recently. Starting with the announcement to change the chronological feed, and followed up today with their announcement of 60 second videos.

In the last six months, the time people spent watching video on the platform increased by more than 40 percent.

More and more users are consuming video on the platform and they are seeing great engagement on their content.

Instagram videos have been limited to 15 seconds since they were introduced in June 2013. At the time many thought 15 seconds was too long, especially when compared to competitors like Vine who only allowed 6 second videos.

Users feeds have been gradually transforming from static images to a collage of motion and sound.

The team at Instagram has seen this trend. In addition to the new longer video format, the update will re introduce the ability to make videos out of multiple clips on iOS devices. This will allow the user to pull multiple files from their camera roll and combine them into one uploaded video all within the Instagram app.

This is not a new feature. Multiple clip upload was available when Instagram first introduced video however the feature had been removed in past updates.

The Instagram team put together the video below to showcase the feature.

How does this effect my Instagram strategy?

Engagement is the most important metric to focus on with Instagram’s new interaction based algorithm. With video consumption up by more than 40% in the last six months we can see an amazing engagement trend.

Users and brand will need to incorporate video into their strategy in order to achieve peak engagement levels with their followers.

This is easier said then done, most mobile video is consumed without sound and you have a small window of 3 seconds to grab someones attention.

How do you think 60 second videos will impact your Instagram strategy?




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