Instagram Will Now Block Offensive Comments


For a while now Instagram has been a front runner of trying to create safe spaces within their online communities. Today they are introducing two new tools for their users. The first tool will be used to block offensive comments. The second tool will be used to filter out spam (only in 9 languages right now). These tools are the first steps towards creating communities that foster kindness and creativity.

Many people were complaining about how the toxic comments being made were keeping them from enjoying the app in its fullest. These users felt like they couldn’t adequately express themselves without feeling like they were going to be attacked. Well that’s where Instagram has decided to step in. Instagram has successfully developed a filter that will actually block comments on posts as well as live videos that are deemed offensive. All other comments will be there as normal. Users will also have the option to not use this filter. The comment filter will only be in English initially.

To access the filter:

1. From your profile screen click on the gear at the top right.

2. Scroll down until you find, “Comments” and then click on it.

3. Here you will be able to turn the filter on and off. Additionally, you will also be able to hide custom phrases that you personally find offensive.

The spam filter is only available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. More languages will come with time as their algorithms improve. The system that will block offensive comments and delete spam will be become more and more effective over time through reports from users. These are a few important steps that Instagram is taking to help better the community.

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