Instagram Rolls Out Multiple Account Management in App For iOS

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Adding multiple Instagram accounts is now available – If you’re lucky.

Do you dread posting to your business Instagram because you have to log in and out every time just to switch between your personal account? Do you miss notifications on your professional account because you’re logged into your personal account? Ever wish you could just switch between your accounts?

If so, it might be your lucky day!

Instagram is slowly rolling out multiple account switching for iOS device users. This is a function they have been testing on Android for awhile and it is finally coming to iOS.


How to add multiple Instagram accounts in App

Step one: In order to see if you have access to this new feature, you first need to navigate to your Instagram Profile page and click on the “Settings” gear.
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Step two: Scroll down to the bottom of the setting page and click the “Add Account” button located near the bottom. If you do not see the button, check you have the latest version of the Instagram app.

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Step three: Enter the login info for your second account and you’re done!

Once the accounts are linked you can easily switch between the accounts by holding down on the profile image located at the bottom right of the screen.

After adding multiple accounts you will also be able to get notifications for each account. Instagram will now specify which account the notification is for to make it easy to discern.



This is the answer to the pleads of many users who manage more than one account! It has been a major pain point for brands and businesses. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction to make the user experience more enjoyable!

Let us know in the comments if you have this feature available to you yet. We would love to see how fast this rolls out!


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